Sunday, March 9, 2014

I will be yours

I will be yours only if
you puncture my iris with the needle of a drawing pin.
I will sing to you only if
you can further shred the layers on my skin.
I will dance with you only if
you later tear away my veins.
So come let’s sing, and dance, and make love,
like we’ve never done before.
I will soar like a spirit
and blissfully shimmer the laughter of the light.

I could die a million-million deaths!

I could die a million-million deaths!
But pray I make it through this life.
Virginia and Vincent, river and starry night,
If only sanity didn’t make us insane.
Ancy and Mudasir, pebble and air,
If only we could love yet again.
We tread around like wraiths,
Conquering death and humming our light.