Sunday, February 23, 2014

Break up

Like gooey semen flowing through the mouth of a hairy anus, I would like to spew you out from the inner folds of my memory. And yet, due to its viscosity, it sticks and swims around, before I’m aware of it.
The memories, vile and sulphurous, the lies, abject and camouflaged, and the deceit, deep and murderous.
Their rustiness corrodes the innards of my chest, and the tangible pain beats its own life. That nail lodged in my chest makes me want to wrench it out.
Like Prometheus, I sense the creature gnawing at my entrails, tearing my live nerves, only to begin all over again.

Each morn I howl in rage and get up with a cataclysmic shudder.

And the ordinariness of this everydayness, the quantum of sleep absorbed, yet draining.
The night that rapes me of every yesterday. The dreams that unleash the insanity of meaning. The wakefulness that begins in sediments of a life, now broken. The present bereft of its immediate future.

The tiles against my skin affirm a life within.
Swallowing double-edged blades invigorates the unwilling will.
The redness of blood and the wonder of life.
The nudity of the self and the absurdity of everything.
The experience of death and the fullness of the void.
The inability to comprehend and the futility of the word.
The magnanimity in pain and the will to live.

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